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- import version 0.9.1 from upstream

Piotr Pawlow [2014-03-13 19:51:31]
- import version 0.9.1 from upstream

Lingot 0.9.0 (2011-02-21)

* Lingot is now an universal tuner, it can tune any instrument according to a
  provided scale.
	   + Scale edition in a table.
	   + Importation of Scala .scl files (
	   + The gauge adapts its range to the scale.
	   + The deviation control has been moved to the scale tab.
* Now it's possible to load and save configuration files from the GUI.
* The graphic controllers in the audio capture section have been changed. The
  user can choose now any hardware sampling rate, and is notified when the
  rate is not available.
* The GUI has been improved with tooltips and new notification messages.
* Fixed bugs #31532 and #31369.

Lingot 0.8.1 (2010-03-17)

* Added a graphic controller for the MIN_FREQUENCY parameter.
* Fixed a SIGSEGV in the JACK thread management (bug #29090).
* Fixed core hang up bug #29091 (#562425 in debian).
* Fixed

Lingot 0.8.0 (2010-02-26)

* Added JACK and ALSA support.
* New configuration dialog layout.
* Fixed memory leak in GUI.
* Changed default sample rate to 44100 Hz instead of 8 KHz.
* Added translations: cs, sv, de, it, pt_BR, zh_CN.

Lingot 0.7.6 (2007-12-23)

* Fixed SEGFAULT bug on spectrum representation.
* Changed Gnome menu ubication.

Lingot 0.7.5 (2007-12-18)

* Now the spectrum section has a real grid, with axis labels referred to the
  frequency and the signal power.
* The spectrum section has also a dotted line indicating the noise threshold,
  enabling a more accurate and easy manner of adjusting it.
* There has been implemented some internal features, as internal computation of
  filter coefficients and a Hamming window.
* The source code has been "downgraded" from C++ to C as a first approach to
  GNU coding standards.
* Added Catalan translation, thanks to Raúl Cambeiro.

Lingot 0.7.4 (2007-08-30)

* Added frequency legend, noise threshold and scroll bar to spectrum area
* Reorganized Menu Items
* Added a "View" menu item
* Added translations: gl

Lingot 0.7.4 (2007-08-23)

* Fixed UTF-8 charset problems
* Added translations: es

Lingot 0.7.3

* Fixed two SIGSEGV bugs
* Using GtkAboutDialog to show about info
* Fixed size of the 'Note' frame on main window
* Removed some gtk deprecated callings
* Config dialog made more "GTK-compliant"

Lingot 0.7.1

* Files reorganized to a more "GNU-like" structure.
* Added multilingual support

Lingot 0.6.x

* Start point.