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PHP Imlib2 Extension (php_imlib)

Dependency Libraries
Before building this extension, Imlib2 will need to be installed somewhere
on the system. Imlib2 itself depends on freetype for rendering text and the
relevant underlying image libraries for the desired image formats. At the
very least Imlib2 needs libpng and libjpeg. Lastly, Imlib2 needs a DB
loader, edb.

Sources for these libraries can be found at:

Imlib2, edb:

You may want to look first on your distribution CD/FTP or
for binary packages. Please note that you will also need -devel packages!

Standalone Installation
To avoid recompiling PHP itself, build php_imlib as a self-contained
extension ( and reference it via the extensions directive
in php.ini. Use of the dl() function is discouraged!

tar -zxvf php_imlib-0.4pre1.tar.gz
cd imlib
./configure [--with-imlib=/path/to/Imlib2] [other args]
make install

Built-in Extension Installation
To build php_imlib into PHP, extract the extension into the ext/
subdirectory of the PHP source tree, run buildconf, and recompile.

tar -C /path/to/php_src/ext -zxvf php_imlib-0.4pre1.tar.gz
cd /path/to/php_src
./configure --with-imlib[=/path/to/Imlib2] [other args]
make install

The only relevant configuration parameter that php_imlib recognizes is
imlib.font_path, used to define which directories are automatically checked
for fonts.  It can be set at a system or directory level, or if it isn't
defined, the default value is /usr/local/share/fonts.

php.ini example:

imlib.font_path = /usr/local/share/fonts:/web/

httpd.conf example:

php_value imlib.font_path /web/