Moved PHP5.3 - 5.6 version to PHP5.x branch. Created experimental PHP7 branch. PHP7 version compiles and works for me, but not thoroughly tested.


Moved code repository to git, as my SVN server was getting broken by updates, and I got tired having to fix it constantly.


What is php-imlib

"php-imlib" is a PHP extension which provides access to imlib2 image functions. It was originally developed by Matt McClanahan. I found the extension useful, so I am trying to keep it working with new releases of PHP and Imlib2.

Where to get it

The source code can be downloaded from my git repository, either by using a git client, or getting an archive from ViewGit.

To download using git enter the following commands:

git clone
cd php-imlib
git checkout branch_name

Where branch_name is either PHP7 for PHP7.0, or PHP5.x for PHP5.3 - 5.6.

Compilation and installation

Compilation requires development files for PHP, Imlib2, t1lib and ltdl. Use the following commands to compile:


If everything went fine, then type as root:

make install

Usage examples


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